Course 1: Pharmaceutical Quality by Design of Solid Oral Delivery Systems

Tablets are complicated! Participants taking Foundational Course 1 will learn how to: (1) better create stable and effective dosage forms through an application-based curriculum using real-world drug development challenges; and, (2) learn to identify the appropriate framework for solid formulation selection and evaluation, while considering manufacturing and regulatory hurdles.

This 3-day course (45 hours of instruction including the online portion) provides an in-depth training on Solid Oral Delivery Systems and applicable Quality by Design:
  • Solid dosage forms and excipients
  • Preformulation and solid state chemistry
  • Formulation and process design
  • Evaluation and dissolution
  • Pharmacokinetics
Further, this course will help you to:
  • Improve the understanding of quality-by-design across various functions
  • Strengthen the practice of ‘asking the right question at the right time’ over the life-cycle of a product
  • Build with confidence the scientific evidence to assure pharmaceutical quality and establish therapeutic equivalence

The Solid Oral Delivery Systems can be taken on its own. Or, take additional courses to earn a Certificate in Pharmaceutical Science & Technology. Students will receive a discounted fee when registering their fourth course.